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What are you looking for in a pest control expert?

If it’s stellar service, reliability, experience and a meticulous manner, Carlton Pest Control is your pick. Dean is licensed by the Queensland Government and holds professional indemnity insurance and public liability insurance. After more than 15 years of experience in the industry, Dean has the skills and advanced knowledge to deliver the results you deserve.

We believe in offering friendly customer service and dedicate ourselves to building solid working relationships with our customers. When you need a termite treatment, only select those who are qualified, licensed, insured and reliable—that’s Carlton Pest Control.
Expert Advice
15 Years' Experience
Licensed & Insured
Customer Service

& Trustworthy
Low Toxicity Products
Safe for children & pets

Mission Statement


Our mission is to make our customers happy and provide the best services for our customers.

It’s important to us that we protect, defend, and enhance the value of our customers’ businesses and homes by providing comprehensive and pro-active services while exceeding our customers expectations.

A Clean Pest Free House Quickly and Easily!
Don’t forget that Termite Protection Plans are important to keeping your house safe!

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Low Toxicity

Carlton Pest Control knows that although you want those pests gone, you're very careful about what products are used around your children and your pets.

We want to be as effective and efficient as possible, without jeopardising the health of your family or your pets.
To do so, we use a low toxicity spray that is safe for everyone including your four-legged friends.

We understand safety to your family is paramount and will always ensure this is priority number one.